Program "Fallen in love with the classics"
This program is composed of arias, romances and songs by Russian and European composers. It aims to those who admire chamber vocal-piano classical music as well as opera classics.
Concerts repertoire within the framework of this programme is very extensive. As a rule, these performances are devoted to a solemn date, anniversary or works of poets and composers.

In mid-February 2015 year we introduced to our listeners a musical-poetic evening dedicated to the jubilee of the poets A. Fet and A.Plescheev. At the heart of this programme there were romances of Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, Rimsky-Korsakov and others. Its first  performance took place at the art gallery "Master", St. Petersburg. Our concert was represented by a wonderful opera and chamber singer, the honoured artist of Russia and Latvia, professor of St. Petersburg conservatory Anatoly Vasiliev.

Here are some compositions that you can hear in our performance:

D.Verdi-aria "Lunge da lei" from the opera "La Traviata"
R. Leoncavallo- "Mattinata"
F. Schubert-"You're my peace"
K. Gluck-aria "O del mio dolce ardor" from the opera "Paris and Helen"
D. Puccini- arioso Fideli from the opera "Edgar"
W.Mozart-aria "Il mio tesoro" from the opera "Don Giovanni"
A. Cesti-aria "Intorno a'll idol mio" from the opera "Orontea"
W.Mozart, aria "Un aura amorosa" from the opera "Don Giovanni"
F. Tosti-"L'alba separa dalla luce lombra"
Lauretta's aria from Puccini's opera «Gianni Schicchi»;
Mozart-aria Paminy from the opera "Die Zauberfl?te";
H. Turin-tunes from "Poem in the form of songs".

We offer to your attention the audio recording of our concert at the Nabokov Museum

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